Some time ago, a student of the Faculty of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw Mateusz Stanuszek collected old sketches, which he first digitized and then used as compost for planting various plants. Me and Maurycy produce a lot of sketches, so we were happy to take part and handed over 50 of our sketches.

With our sketches, we have joined the natural cycle of life where destruction and decay are an announcement of postponement and new life.

Beautiful action.

Art gone out of control. To prevent the excessive multiplication of beings, we come up with an exhibition initiative that meets the needs of a contemporary artist. We decided to collect all excluded drawings and sketches – those that have been forgotten, those that you failed to sell, those that suffocate you, burdening you with soul and shelves. From all the submitted works (after prior digitization) we will create an organic post-composition in the form of a compost, which we will then use to cultivate flowers and vegetables. Any artist will be able to take patronage of one of the plants, give it a name and use its charms. There is too much art.

The project comes from the desire to bury the irritating impression that we as artists create and accumulate unnecessary things: Because it is a pity to throw away, but it is stupid to show it to someone sametime. Open call lasted from February to May 2021. After finding a suitable location (gallery yard KMWTW in Krakow Zwierzyniecka 4/20) the submitted works were torn, mixed, drenched and mixed with the ground. The fertilizer prepared in this way fertilized the soil for planting plants.